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Where nobody knows your name

but that's okay

A Haven For Those Who Flout All The Rules
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This is a community created for anyone and everyone who has problems with their sexuality. We don't care if you're a gay man learning to admit it, or a straight woman having trouble with her sex toys, or a bisexual person asking for advice on orgies. Anything goes here. This is a place of discussion and thought, and most of all, open minds. Mostly I wanted a place that could be visited by all, so that those of us who feel alone in our choices don't have to.

Mission Statement: We will strive toward the ultimate acceptance and the ultimate understanding. Our goal is to make sure that every one of our members is not only comfortable in their sexuality, but comfortable in the way they view that sexuality when possessed by others. Basically, what we want is universal happiness, and nobody to be upset because they're confused. We will reach out to those who -are- confused and offer them a guiding hand. And we'll spend a lot of time at obscene hours of the morning discussing very strange things, like the origin of the word labia.

Moderated by beautifuldorian.

RULES: These are, sadly, a necessity, but hey, we're big kids, it shouldn't be a problem.

1. Respect others. This SHOULD be a no-brainer. We're working with a very tender subject here, and since we're trying to help people grow and accept who they are, we have to be nice and welcoming and basically not assholes. If I, personally, consider you performing asshattish behavior, you get a warning; after that it's sort of a vote if you get kicked out or not.

2. Keep it clean. Hard, yes, and I realize that discussing sex leads to all sorts of corny jokes and snickering about the word 'penis'. And that's okay. BUt let's not be VULGAR, okay? We want to look at this from a philosophical point of view, not a physical one. In other words, don't make posts about how you like the feel of boobies. THat's not what we're for. Instead post about how it took you a long time to accept that you like the feel of boobies, or whatever.

3. Everyone is welcome here. Even if you personally dislike them or what they believe in. It's sort of like the real world, you have to deal with people you don't like. So be gracious about it, and polite, and if you can't tolerate them, well, shove off.

4. This is an open community. That not only means that all are welcome to join and play in this big ol' sandbox, but that everyone is welcome to offer their two cents as to what should be DONE with it. So if you have any questions, or ideas, or anything, let me know. ^_^

I'm sure more rules will grow as I see the need for them, but not now.

Tell your friends, get everyone involved. This should be fun.